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Did you know that it's scientifically proven that flowers make you feel better?

this is how we do it:



Begin by telling us about the occasion:

Every celebration has its unique spirit, and we're here to capture that essence perfectly through flowers. ANNIVERSARY, BIRTHDAY, CONGRATULATIONS, JUST BECAUSE, SYMPATHY, THANK YOU ...

How you'd like to express your feelings:

Would you prefer the elegance of a vase arrangement or the charming simplicity of a hand-tied bouquet? Whatever you choose, we will make it UNIQUE to you.



Color Your Emotions:

Let us know the color scheme that best expresses your sentiments, and we'll craft something truly beautiful.

Relax, and Leave the Rest to Us

Our floral experts will take it from here, combining your choices with their artistic vision to create a stunning, personalized arrangement.

With Mels Flowers, you're not just ordering flowers; you're making a statement of beauty, care, and excellence.



from the soft hues of sandy beige to the subtle tones of off-white, along with gentle pinks and soothing salmon, each arrangement evokes a sense of calm and tranquility.

Red and pink color palette
Red and pink color palette

morning sun

combines soft peach and light golden yellow, evoking the early morning sky and its first rays. Accents of warm ivory and butter yellow enhance this scheme, with subtle hints of deeper peach and vibrant orange capturing the essence of a serene sunrise.

Orange color palette
Red and pink color palette

bright and bold

dynamic energy of our "Vibrant Spectrum" color scheme, designed to make a bold statement. featuring rich, saturated hues that stand out with exceptional brilliance

Red and pink color palette
Red and pink color palette

lovely pinks & purples

a delicate dance of lovely pinks and purples. This palette features a range of pinks from blush, reminiscent of a gentle dawn, to vibrant fuchsia that captures the joy of a blooming garden

Red and pink color palette
Red and pink color palette


Our classic one-sided garden-style vase, adorned with ribbons, brings a whimsical and modern touch to any space. It's filled with carefully selected blooms, chosen with love and attention. This thoughtful and charming gift is perfect for any occasion—it's timeless and comes beautifully boxed for an impressive presentation

size & prices:

charm $ 78

pretty $ 109

perfect $ 168

Stunning: $250

Please note: Photos are examples of size and style only. We work with a different variety of flowers each week. Your bouquet will be unique to you. We cannot replicate photos or past orders. While we encourage design notes and requests, we cannot guarantee specific flowers and/or colours.

designed with love

our beautiful


classic $99.50

designed with love

our beautiful


premium $ 150

designed with love

our beautiful


speCtacular $ 250



we're thrilled to share with you a heartfelt collection that embodies the power of small gestures that speak volumes.

Our Valley Proud Floral Line is elegantly styled in a 1L Mason Jar glass container.


designed in your color scheme preference






Hi there, I’m Dani Rocha, the creative director of Mels Flowers Floral Studio. I'm a passionate designer and an international event planner with more than two decades of experience in the industry. I'm excited to bring that experience to our community and make your events truly special.

We are committed to providing creative and artistic floral designs, top-quality service, and an exceptional customer experience.

We believe that every event is an opportunity to create meaningful and memorable moments, and we're honored to be able to share our passion with you.

Thank you for considering us. Our service descriptions are provided below.

mels flowers floral studio




there are

various forms and styles to consider, each with its unique charm






yes, we are plant lovers as well.

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Complimentary hand-written card included with every order

+ Flower food to keep blooms happy and healthy

+ Same-day delivery

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Customer Experience, Excellence, and Efficiency shape our culture and


Customer Experience

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We build lasting relationships

with our clients by exceeding their expectations, addressing their

concerns, and going above and beyond to meet their needs.


At Mels Flowers, we pursue excellence. We encourage

employees to challenge themselves, learn, and grow, fostering a culture

of improvement. Our commitment to excellence drives us to deliver

results that make us proud.


We streamline processes, reduce waste, and optimize workflows to deliver high-quality products and services cost-effectively and timely for our customers.

Thank you for supporting our business,

Mels Flowers Team



We are updating our website, new photos coming soon. Stay tuned.

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